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Back to the Wall

January 23, 2019 - 00:00
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President Trump is standing strong in his demand for funds to build a wall along America’s southern border (even if Speaker Nancy Pelosi told him he couldn’t use the House for a State of the Union speech. He responded by telling her she and other House friends couldn’t use an Air Force jet to take her on a week-long junket to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan. Reportedly Nancy and pals were already on the bus to take them to the airport when the message came. The bus circled the block and let them out.)

Again, back to the wall.

Obviously some deterrent is needed to prevent thousands of non-citizens from crowding into our nation, many of whom immediately find a way to take advantage of the nation’s generous welfare system after strolling or driving across our border.

We are not against people from Mexico or others from Spanish-speaking countries.

We are impressed with the integrity, work ethic and family values of people we know who came here from those lands. They are contributing members of our community.

However, when our borders are rushed by caravans containing thousands of non-citizens seeking to wedge themselves in without following legally-established rules it seems logical some shenanigan is in the works.

The American Left is encouraging the illegal influx with the goal to quickly turn them into voters who will change our country from a law-abiding, constitutional republic into another left-wing dictatorship.

Illegal immigration is estimated to cost the United States millions of dollars, and according to Trump, $113 billion a year in lost income tax revenue. Illegal immigration is considered a strain on government spending by overburdening social welfare, health, and education programs.