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January 30, 2019 - 00:00
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OU professor’s open letter on state higher education fiasco disturbing

I was very disturbed and angry while reading OU professor David Deming’s open letter in the Kingfisher Times & Free Press in your last Sunday edition.  

The Leftists have infiltrated every organization in America to spread their destructive ideals to cripple our great nation and they have embedded themselves deeply into the Democratic Party too.

This is not my father’s Democratic Party. In fact there is very little likeness at all from the Kennedy days, or those that preceded him.

I was a dedicated Democrat myself, that is until I noticed how little they actually cared about the poor and those in need, except on Election Day. That can also include the Republican Party, because there is simply no profit in the poor.

The Leftists show no patriotism, no Christianity or free will of the people. They want one world government, one world religion – if any.

They are aggressively recruiting our kids and students into their demonic cleansing of every institution that was founded by our forefathers with freedom and equality in mind.

Freedom of choice, free will and benevolence was always the lightning rod while shaping the Constitution.

The writers of the Constitution allowed, in its original form, for the opportunity to enhance or adjust it, not for a total reconstruction or destruction of it. The Constitution is the Left’s enemy and so is the Holy Bible.

Of course these leftist organizations are funded by many rich and powerful people and they are oblivious to the values or ideals of anyone else that questions or disagrees with their agenda.  

This angers and saddens me, because people like us have a great love for our Sooner Nation and its tradition of excellence in higher learning, not just in their athletic accomplishments.  

Professors and teachers are supposed to provide students the necessary tools to prosper in adulthood with a healthy curriculum of subjects and methods to solve problems. They are not supposed to spread their personal political beliefs of anti-American rhetoric.

Shame on those who allow or defend this and we Needs to be read Kudos to you for publishing OU professor David Deming’s open letter exposing the 25 years of ludicrous policies, grievance study programs, and willful frivolous spending of taxpayer dollars at this institution. It sickens me.  However, I am encouraged by President Gallogly who is working hard to improve the situation. I hope every subscriber to the Times & Free Press reads this article: pages 4, 5 of Sunday, Jan. 27, edition.

Annenda Reynolds

should all help to make sure this stops now, not next month or next year.

Enough is enough. It’s time to clean house in Norman and many institutions of higher learning across America.

Hopefully we can expose these groups for what they are, which is evil, not exactly how they want us to see them.

Mike Atchley