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Left appears to feel invincible?

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Is the Militant Socialist Movement (MSM) so confident of the public’s agreement with its hatred of President Trump that it feels invincible?

It would appear so by the action of Democratic Party leaders Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer.

Or are they out of touch with the public?

Willfully obtuse might better describe their attitude.

One contributor to a political action web site, One Political Plaza, comments:

“…Their actions are so extreme now that it looks like the destruction of our Constitution, as declared by Obama when he said ‘we are going to fundamentally change America’ is their ultimate objective.”

The writer provided some examples, which he (or she) described as a planned, organized and inflexible effort with everybody on the Left eagerly working to achieve that goal:

• The Mueller pre-dawn raid on Roger Stone’s home is the latest and clearest example of the Left’s obsession with their own power and is undeniable proof that they believe they are so powerful they have become invincible… Several things make the Mueller raid one of the most glaring examples of the Left’s open disdain for our Constitution. The carefully planned and coordinated raid happened before daylight on Friday morning,1/25/19. The warrants for Roger Stone’s arrest were served by FBI officers in NINETEEN VEHICLES. SOME OF THE OFFICERS WERE WEARING RIOT GEAR AND CARRYING LONG GUNS. A HELICOPTER WAS HOVERING OVER THE BOAT DOCK ON THE RIVER BEHIND HIS HOUSE! AND CNN WAS COVERING IT AND BROADCASTING IT LIVE (BUT CNN DENIED BEING TIPPED OFF IN ADVANCE?)! The alleged crimes Stone was charged with all happened after the 2016 election and had nothing to do with the election, including allegedly lying to Congress?

• Nancy Pelosi is also acting as if she is so powerful she has become invincible! She cancelled the President’s scheduled “State of the Union” speech, in writing! She agreed to reschedule the speech at a time of her choosing (last Tuesday night). She has repeatedly refused to even discuss the President’s border security plans and continues to do so…. She even refuses to acknowledge that her inflexible “no barriers stance” is in direct contradiction to her long public record of supporting border walls (and her estate already has a wall)!

• When the President agreed to sign a new bill reopening the government, based on a number of Democrats verbally agreeing (some publicly) to negotiate on a border security plan that did include barriers in some places, Pelosi and Schumer immediately held a joint press conference. In the press conference they gleefully declared total victory over the President and denigrated him in the worst possible ways. Schumer even said twice that he ‘hoped the President had learned his lesson and would not make the same mistake again.’”

• When a reporter recently asked Pelosi about the President having special legal protections while he was in office, she angrily denied that he does. One more example of the Left openly ignoring the existence of our Constitution.”

It would appear to this country bumpkin (one of the deplorables Hillary Clinton despises) that the Left is determined to destroy opponents at any cost.

Leftists and liberals are two completely different individuals in our mind.

Liberals are willing to listen to all sides of a question.

Leftists are fixed on one side only; they are willing to destroy a successful, free, prosperous nation to eliminate those with whom they do not agree.

Are they really ready to start another Civil War, which seems to be their goal?

And what weapons would they choose to win (UN troops, dirty bombs, germ warfare) who knows?

Such actions would require a large degree of insanity to initiate and the perpetrators might be writing their own death warrants.

Obviously making the citizenry helpless is the primary reason the Left desires to destroy the Second Amendment.

The gun-owners in America represent the largest standing Army (393-million guns strong) in the world – 40 percent of all guns in the world.

The opinion writer observed the nation has arrived at a fork in the road where we can either shred the Constitution, following the Left’s path, or turn to the right and remain the world’s beacon of freedom.

Some responding to the comments immediately called them racist and hateful, the typical reaction to ideas for which they have no sensible response (possibly don’t understand).

The Left, assisted by a major media that no longer attempts to find the truth, left-wing academics and the power-grabbing political class, has brainwashed and continues to brainwash younger citizens, and continues efforts to bring in enough illegal migrants that they can turn into voters (illegally) so that they can undo the results of the 2016 election.

History reveals that every socialist government becomes a dictatorship in which people are peasants rather than citizens.

America has been a nation in which citizens have final authority and the greatest freedom provider in history.

Are normal Americans today willing to throw that away?

If the Left is successful in destroying this legally-elected president, we could soon find out.